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How to install granite slabs

How to install granite slabs

Granite has been the most preferred natural stone for the countertops, it is not only  the hardest material but the most appropriate stone to be used as a countertop. The price factor comes in between sometimes, because granite is the most expensive alter in comparison to the other options.  But by adding granite countertops to your kitchen, one can  bring so much elegance an beauty to the home. But ultimately it proves out to be the best alternative for the countertops. The throughout cost of installing the granite countertop comes out be more as compared to the other countertop materials.  Since you cant install the granite countertops with yourself. this should be done by professionals. That become the another factor that rises the price of the installing the granite countertop. And if you want to minimize the cost, then you can do the pre work that is done before the installation which could be the demolition or removal of the previous countertops and maintaining the base for the installation process. By doing this you can minimize the labor cost, that can be effective in decreasing the cost. Like For anyone who is installing granite inside a kitchen, take out the range and freezer and eliminate the sink in the existing counter tops. If the actual old major was screwed in, empty the bottom cabinets and take out all drawers and opportunities. Pry down your older countertop. Then put cardboard or even paper over total cabinet methodologies for protection. The installation process after these things should be left on the professionals.
The very first thing which should be in mind while selecting the variety of the granite is the environment of the kitchen.  means the tiling, flooring and the color of the walls. By analyzing  these factors you can easily select the variety  and color of your granite piece. And one more the measurement of the place where it has to be installed should be done very precisely and preferably done by the professionals. The measurement determines the amount of granite required. And once it is determined it must be ordered and when the granite is been ordered, the professionals you have hired should come to precisely measure the shelves, cabinets and make templates for the installation. As the templates are created,  you may know from the professional that where the seams of the stone will be. After all that is done the individual can tell which type of tools and equipments will be required for the installation. And that depends on how complex the area is. Before the installation, metal supports and plywood will likely be added to the  top of cabinetry to make a strong, level exterior with further support to the sink and range. This is a critical move, as that prevents this granite slab from bursting during normal use. Success of a granite counter installation includes awareness of the numerous thickness of a slab. Though slabs are generally carefully reduce, there might be high and low spots about the bottom.  as a result, leveling is usually an important step in the preparation process to defend the stone.  The professional will then get the stone whose dimensions should be like 4*8 or 4*12 feet . the slab could be very heavy, that depend on the requirement, that’s why it should be dealt with so much care. And the installation must be done so carefully. It must be laid properly on the base otherwise it may crack with respect of the time. And the reason behind that could be many, suppose if there is some air or space left between the base and the granite stone then that could be disastrous.  And then the slab of the granite is cut so precisely with the help of a diamond tip saw.

finishing point with the slab partioning requires about 3 to 5 days.  The grade of the cutting depends on the relevant skills of the particular gang found masters who definitely are accountable for the reducing. Because with the variables with stone hardness, density, the particular slurry, sharp edge tensioning, in addition to cutting velocity, the sawing process calls for constant monitoring with the masters. The difficult cut slabs are then carefully cleaned along with water in addition to prepared for the next thing of installing the granite. The installer will keep the record of the outlets of drainage, sink electrical and faucets. While installing the granite. And after the stone is being installed, he will apply a penetrating sealer, sometimes called the white cement to seal and polish the surface to give the divine look and feel to your kitchen. And if these minor thing are kept in mind while installing the granite stone,  then the granite masterpiece can really bring eternal beauty to any home or commercial kitchen.

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