Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Choice of natural stone or any other product is based on perception of a person and the perception is again dependent upon various factors like likes, dislikes, culture, location, gender and goal of the person. The natural stone looks spectacular in the natural environment as it blend with it and gives beauty to the place installed. Interior decorators and architects use predefined designs and methods to install natural stones. Natural stones are one of the most widely used construction materials all over the world. The different types, textures and colors are available in natural stones and thus make them ideal for any place to be installed.
Natural stones are used for the kitchen tops and countertops along with floorings and wall cladding in various forms. Durability, beauty and stability are some of the features that the natural stone constructions are expected to provide to the user. To install the natural stone appropriately is both an art and science to be used efficiently to make sure that the result is as per the desire of the user. The various types and kinds of natural stones can be used to construct a marvelous place in residential or commercial complex. The main categories of stones are Homogeneous and Heterogeneous.
Homogeneous stone have one distinct color and contains minerals like mica, feldspar and biotite. The change in the quantity and quality of minerals makes the stone Heterogeneous. Natural stone is chosen on the basis of color and type. Interior decorations use natural stone as natural beauty enhancer for construction works. There are many applications where various types of natural stones can be used to make the area look good. The main advantage of using natural stone is the durability and stability for life long that it provide to the areas applied. 

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