Thursday, July 25, 2013

Natural Stone manufacturers

The stone manufacturers refers to a category of manufacturers who deal in converting raw natural stones to finished and ready to use stone products. We can say that the business of stone manufacturing can be classified as mining, processing and supplying of the natural stones available in the country. Marble and Granite are the two most common type of natural stone which are manufactured to form slabs, tiles and countertops to meet the construction and decorative needs of individuals from all over the world. India is rich in natural stones of various kinds and hence Indian stone manufacturers supply a large quantity and variety of natural stone finished products to the rest of the world.

The skilled and dedicated labor of Stonecraft in India has played a vital role in making natural stones into beautiful and durable finished products for the world to use. Through decades, India has been successful in manufacturing the stones as per the international standards. We are leaders in exporting some high quality natural stone products to Western and European countries. This high volume of stone export has made possible only because of the proper quality management at various levels of stone manufacturing. The reason for huge exports of stone from India is also the demand of natural stone products like marble and granite by the International construction fraternity. People from every part of the world admire stone products and wishes their houses to be constructed using the best natural stone available.