Friday, April 5, 2013

Flooring Stone:

Flooring Stone:

There are several varieties of natural stone such as marble, granite, sandstone and kotastone. These stone mainly known as flooring stones.
Natural stone widely use in our daily life we notice, stone flooring, stone walls, stone craft items, stone pathways, stone particulars. Marble flooring, granite flooring, sandstone flooring and kotastone flooring.

Marble: Marble is one of the most famous natural stones. Marble is famous to use on flooring. Apart flooring, it can be use for craft work also. Tajmahal is famous sample of Marble art. Tajmahal has madeup of Makrana Marble. The ultimate work of marble craft on Tajmahal, is awesome. Black marble, white marble, brown marble, white marble, red marble are famous granite’s colors.

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Granite: Granite is hardest stone. It is harder than marble too. Granite is best choice for countertops, craft and flooring. Granite is available in thousands of shades, pattern and comes in wide range of colors. Granite Kitchen countertop, granite wall cladding, Granite Fireplaces are famous samples of granite art. Black granite, white granite, brown granite, white granite, red granite is famous granite’s colors.

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Sandstone: Sandstone is famous natural stone. The most famous variety Agra red sandstone has been used for Red Fort. Basically sandstone comes in various colors such as Red sandstone, green sandstone, white sandstone, gray sandstone, blue sandstone.   Mostly Sandstone uses in roofs, stonecraft items such as garden ornaments, statues, sculptures, planters, pots and other craft items.  

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Kotastone is famous natural stone. The original occurrence place of kotastone is Kota, Rajasthan. Kotastone is mostly used for flooring purpose. It is worldwide famous natural stone from India. 

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