Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marble from India

Those who are interested and deals in all kinds of natural stones sale and purchase like  Marble,Granite,Kotastone,Limestone,Travertine,Gemstones,Slatestone,Sandstone,Quartz,Feldspar,Silica,Dolomite,Travertine,Onyz,Flagstone etc. You know that India is an hub for natural stones and you will find every beautiful variety of stones here and there are many resources to expand the stone business and there are many people who have been involved in this industry from a very long period of time and many of them are successful Businessman and their business has been expanded not only in India but it is famous worldwide. At this point of time India is the third largest producer of natural stones.
Marble refers to metamorphosed rocks quarried from the earth crust or mines. Marble is the most common natural stone. It is commonly used in sculpture and as a building material, in construction.  Historic monuments like ‘The Taj Mahal’ are entirely made of the white marble.  And nowadays, I haven’t seen any construction without the use of marbles. More than 90 percent of the flooring is done specifically by marble all over the globe because marble is the best material for this purpose.  It is classy, pocket friendly, stylish, hard, strong, washable; durable and the best natural stone for flooring purposes. Marble comes in many colors like white, pink, black, brown, orange, blue, green beige and red etc. 
Marble is an amazing stone which can be used in many fields like in kitchens for countertops, for the flooring and tiling of bathrooms. It is the best stone for these purposes and there is no doubt in that. Marble is durable and they don’t get poor in quality with time if cared while keeping some little things in mind regarding its maintenance and care.
India is a world famous for its wide range of decorative stones - starting from the natural stone and sand stone to high quality marbles and granite, which are the essential component for home decoration. Being one of the leading stone exporters with origin at India for many years now, we do have a great deal of experience in handling foreign customers, by which we could easily analyze the fall in demand for the decorative stones not only in India, but also through out the world. One of the major and wide spread wings of export in India have been the handicraft products. Huge volumes of handicraft products, besides decorative stone slabs have been a major pillar in the field of India export. The global slow down during the first decade of the millennium proved to be the hardest hit to the handicraft trades to the foreign country as well. Luckily the recession had to stay for just a very short spell of time, which allowed the market to get revived within a very little amount of time. Continuous developments, hard work, technological implementation and strategic business plans have all merge together to give the Indian Marble export sector a good position once again after the recession was over.  
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