Thursday, May 23, 2013


Polishing the natural stone ‘Marble is an art and science to enhance the beauty of the stone many times. Polishing may include several steps and procedures to be followed in order to obtain the desired outcome in terms of gloss and finish on the surface of the Marble. Marble is natural stone which is popularly used as a construction and architectural material worldwide. There are many areas of application of this wonderful natural stone like bathrooms, kitchens, floorings, countertops and window frames. Marble provides elegant and stylish look to the overall décor for home and offices. There are many shapes and colors of Marble which are available in the market today to meet the needs of every individual or manufacturing unit. However, when it is applied to the construction, then without proper or periodic maintenance, Marble may lose its shine and beauty over a period of time due to the factors like friction, heat, usage and weather conditions. These factors mainly affect the gloss, color and finish of the Marble installed in a particular area of your house. Hence, the need to polish Marble with great care and attention arises.
There are various ways through which you can maintain the gloss and finish of Marble lifelong by polishing and maintaining Marble with some useful tools, accessories and techniques. The accessories like detergent, sponge, cleaning cloth, sealant, sprays, Isopropyl rubbing alcohol are common tools which helps to polish Marble in it various forms like slabs, tiles and blocks. The edges of Marble are comparably harder to be polishes and you will need sandpaper disc to accomplish this task successfully. It is also recommended to seek experts help to avoid the over doing of polishing of Marble which will cost the same as buying the supplies for polishing the Marble yourself. Marble polishing is done on domestic and industrial basis and the methods and tools used for doing so may vary to a great extent to the amount of work which is greater in industrial polishing.
For industrial polishing and cutting of Marble, the tools like sandpaper disc, sawhorse, pencil, blue tape, goggles, gloves, wet saw, polish spray and sealant will be required. Where cutting is done easily, polishing the Marble slab is rather complicated as it needs attention to avoid cracks and roughness on the surface of Marble slab. Once the Marble is polished, the gloss and finish can last for few years depending upon the area it is installed and the usage. Marble manufacturers make sure that they offer the quality product to their consumers in terms of finish and gloss by using Marble polishing methods. Industrial Marble polishing is one of the steps that are taken in processing of raw Marble to usable forms for various construction needs and applications. 
Periodic cleaning and polishing Marble at home will help the users to retain the shiny surface of the Marble tiles, slabs and blocks installed in various area of the house or commercial buildings. For those people, who like to do the maintenance of their household on their own can learn to polish the Marble slabs once they do it using the tools and accessories mentioned earlier. Such people can also take help and experience from videos and articles available online. Hence, we can say that the marble polishing is integral part of its maintenance to enjoy its beauty lifelong. With the help of these small but useful pieces of information, polishing and maintaining Marble becomes easy and the finish of the original quality is restored for eternity. Hence, there is a need to take care properly and enhance the experience after installing Marble in the buildings used for residential or commercial purposes.