Thursday, May 23, 2013


Marble belongs to the class of the metamorphic rocks and is composed by carbonate, calcite and dolomite minerals which are combined under high pressure and heat for its formation. Marble is the most commonly used natural stone which is used for crafting sculpture, Stone craft and also as a building material in construction. A number of historic monuments like The Taj Mahal are made of marble as the main construction material. Features and properties of marble like classy, economic, stylish, hard, strong, washable, durable makes it the best natural stone for flooring and other construction purposes. Marble comes in many colors like white, pink, black, brown, orange, blue, green, beige and red. Marble is mainly found in countries like India, Greece, Egypt and Italy. Imported Marble is beige in color generally and is highly in demand all over the world based on its excellent looks and qualities.

Imported Marble is obtained from the mines in rough form of large blocks and huge rock pieces and then it is processed in to small pieces, slabs and tiles for construction purposes and finally it is polished and finished to give it the shine and class. Imported Marble is generally used for floors, walls and other interior decoration areas in kitchens and bathrooms. Imported Marble in its various forms is a beautiful stone which adds a touch of class and royalty to your home or office premises. There are many areas where imported marble can be used in an interesting way to enhance the beauty of constructions. For example, kitchens, bar tops, fireplaces, Jacuzzis, bathrooms, gardens and other exterior places are some common areas of application of this magnificent natural stone. Imported Marble is perfect from of the stone to be applied in various areas of the house as per the requirement of the consumers. The main colors of the imported marble are cream, white, beige and pink. The main kinds of ‘Imported Marble’ are Diana Marble, Botticino marble, Statuario, Serpeggiante, Red Verona and Perlato Sicilia marble.