Tuesday, May 28, 2013

what is talc powder used for

Raw minerals are used for commercial purposes in its natural state to manufacture a wide range of products. The raw minerals can be categorized into three main categories which are industrial minerals, metallic minerals and fuel minerals. However, some industrial minerals are metallic in nature also. Industrial usage of minerals varies to a great extent. Some of the common raw minerals which are used for industrial purposes are mica, clays, sand, talc, limestone, gypsum, gravel, kaoline, silica, barite, pumice and potash. These minerals are used in its raw form in industries like paints, construction, ceramics, electronics, glass, plastics, detergent, paper and beverages. The huge demand minerals in raw for is thus due to the extensive industrial usage of raw minerals to manufacture various products.

Talc is the softest of all minerals found on Earth and has been used for years as a powder in a variety of products. The original talc powders, also referred to as talcum powders, sometimes contained asbestos, which can naturally appear in talc. Talc remains in heavy use as an ingredient in everyday products and might also be used by itself for common household problems. The best-known use of talc powder is in baby powder. Because talc is a mineral that helps keep your body dry, it is often used in the powders that are applied to a baby's diaper area. Talc powder also appears frequently in body powders and cosmetic face powders for adults. Talc and its powder might be in many household products. Caulks, sealants, and wire and cable insulation all make use of talc, as do paint and roofing and flooring supplies. Other products that contain talc and talc powder include paper, plastics, rubber, hoses, gaskets and foam packaging. An investigation by Harvard's Nurses' Health Study shows a link between use of talc powder and the occurrence of a rare form of ovarian cancer called serous ovarian cancer. The link between talc powder and cancer is still subject to debate, though, so doctors won't advise you to avoid using talc powder. If you are concerned about this link, though, you can use the powders with a cornstarch base. Talcum powder is nothing but the powdered form of talc; the softest mineral known to exist on earth that tops the list on the Mohs hardness scale. This powder is primarily used for its moisture absorbing properties, although there are other uses too.