Friday, November 30, 2012


Marble is a metamorphic rock comprised with minerals specifically calcite and dolomite ..

Marble refers to metamorphosed rocks quarried from the earth crust or mines. Marble is the most common natural stone. It is commonly used in sculpture and as a building material, in construction.  Historic monuments like  Taj Mahal is entirely made of the white marble.  And now a days  I haven’t seen any construction without the use of marbles. More than 90 percent of the flooring is done specifically  by marble all over the globe. Because marble is the best material for that.  Its classy, pocket friendly, stylish, hard, strong , washable , durable and the best natural stone for flooring purpose.. marble comes in many colours like white , pink, black, brown,  orange , blue, green,beige and red etc.

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You can choose according to the preferences. Marble doesn’t  come out of the mines like we see in daily life.  Actually it comes in a very rough type in form of large block, slab and huge pieces. then it is further divided in to small pieces and when it is floored, then again it is polished and finished then comes the shine and class. Most of the requirement of marble is filled by the countries like india, Greece, Egypt, italy and all.  As Italian marble is famous all aver the world for its class and beauty. It’s the most  famous  variety of marble. Marble is also used for tiling the walls generally in kitchens and bathrooms.
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Marble is being also used for sculpture and craft since centuries.  Because of its main characteristic which is softness, its tendency to adopt shapes through fine arts. And its also stays in that shape strongly. That’s why it so much preferred in crafts work and art.  It’s the most favorite decorative material for the people concerned with class. I found the marble very amusing natural stone.  There is a site  named its an free natural stone informational portal. I found this very useful for those who want to know about the natural stones. Actually it covers all types of natural stone. Their composition, uses, where it is found, pricing,  even the physical and chemical properties. Actually its world’ largest stone information portal. You must visit it at least once. You will get many other things like information, trading opportunities and much more there.
Marble is an amazing stone which can be used in many fields like in kitchens for counter tops, for the flooring and tiling of bathrooms. It is the best stone for these purpose. No doubt in that. Marble are durable they don’t get poor with respect of time if cared with keeping some little things in mind.