Friday, November 30, 2012



Sculpture's is famous form of stone art now days. Sculptures are made up of marble, granite, sandstone. Sculptures are famous owing to creativity on stone. Marble sculpture made by marble raw material, there is some stone craft tools used for sculpture making. Diamond core drills, chisels, hammers are main craft tools used for creating stone sculpture. Sculpture can add an antique look the place.  To read more information about stone sculpture: 

Sandstone sculptures are also famous owing to its physical properties such as easy to curve, long life, good impact, easy to maintain and easy to clean. Granite sculptures are famous for hardness and unique look. It can give great look. Marble sculptures are also famous for their own appearing quality. Sculpture art is one of the famous forms of stone craft. Designing on stone needs perfection and experience in the relevant field. Soapstone sculptures are famous for their owing beauty. 

Sculptures can be place at both exterior and interior. In can enhance the beauty of garden, front door, room, office corner, and park or nay place. Stone sculptures are famous worldwide.Owing to the property of stones such as good hardness, long life, can have good luster,Marble sculptures, granite sculptures, soapstone sculptures, alabaster's sculptures, sandstone sculptures, hard stone carving are main arrays of stone sculpture art.  Stone craft can be done by craft tools such as Drilling pin, Mallets, Chisels, Straight Edges, Diamond Drill Bits ,Diamond Core Drills,  Diamond Ball Burrs, Carbide Graves,  Carbide Spade Drills,  Diamond Bead Reamer and Diamond Grinding Wheel.
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India, Greece and Europe has already mentioned great name in this field. Some minerals such as alabaster's, gypsum are easy to curve but the sculpture made by these minerals are durable and have good age. Sculpture is famous form of carving art. It can create visual appeal to the area, wherever it exists. Sculpture carving art is great art from ancient time. Sculpture are being use from hundreds of years.