Friday, November 30, 2012


The rock is natural mineral composition, occurs naturally. Such as Igneous rock, Sedimentary rock, and metamorphic rock. A rock composite of minerals.
Granite is Igneous rock. Read full details on granite here
Quartz forms veins. See the information on quartz and you can find details on quartz variety here
Granite composed of quartz and feldspar. Igneous rock forms by magma or lava. After solidification magma cooling called become igneous rock. Sedimentary rock is formed by deposition of earth surfaces minerals. Metamorphic rock is composed by high heat and pressure. This occurs by the transformation of other rocks. By Mining process, granite, marble, sandstone, kota stone and travertine extracts from earth crust. These stones extract from the rocks through mining process. 

 Sedimentary rocks:

 The broken rock, fell down from the mountains. The combination of having sand and rock, called sediments. These rocks settle down on the corner or any part of river or ocean. After long time merged into sedimentary rock. These sedimentary rocks can have fossils on surface.
Limestone is sedimentary rock. You can view complete information about limestone at
Sedimentary covers over 70% of earth crust. Sandstone, limestone, shale and gypsum are well known sedimentary rock.   
Sandstone is Sedimentary rock. You can read complete info on sandstone here

Metamorphic rocks:

Metamorphic rock is secondary product from sedimentary rock.  Due to high pressure and heat, the sedimentary rock forms into metamorphic rocks. It is very hard form. Marble is metamorphic rock. 
Slate,  schist is example of metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks transformed by sedimentary and igneous rock. Marble forms by limestone. Limestone is sedimentary rock.  Quartzite is very hard rock , type of non-foliate metamorphic.
  Such as marble is metamorphic rock. You can read complete info on marble  here
Even the name, metamorphic is defines that it change into new rock from an existing rock. Owing to chemical and physical change, stone rocks change into this form. Metamorphic minerals are known as index minerals. Such as garnet. Metamorphic rock is quartz, feldspar. By the crystallization of igneous rock. Mica and chloride minerals are type of this rock.