Friday, November 30, 2012


Granite slabs and marble slabs are famous to use on countertops. Slabs can be use on kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, slabs are also famous to use on floors. Slabs are best option to apply on floors. Slabs forms by blocks. Blocks extract from mines, and then these blocks cut into slab form in processing unit. Basically slabs are rectangle or in square shape.
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Slabs cuts through slab cutter. Granite slabs cut by diamond blade cutter (diamond blade gang saw). Marble is softer than granite but hard. Hence marble slabs cut by gang saw. Gangs saw is consists of diamond blade and segments. Gangsaw is famous mining machinery.  
Slabs needs to be install with proper corners. Generally slabs get polishes from one side. Smooth Edge makes slabs, easy to install. Edge cutter can be use be use to smooth the edges of slabs. 

Edges of slabs can be finish by edge cutter.
Slab can be obtain by sawing the block in desired measurement. The slabs can be use for countertops, vanitytops, tabletops, kitchentops and other interior and exterior places.
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Slabs needs to be polish before install. Slab shiner can give an attractive look to slabs.  Slabs are best option to apply on flooring and countertops. Granite, marble, sandstone, kotastone  Slabs   are famous to use for indoor and outdoor purpose. Slabs are easy to install. With having desired measurement to apply, easy to maintain hence it is widely used for exterior and interior applications.