Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Crystals is a form of fine natural stone. It’s rare like diamond. Or we can say that it is naturally a diamond in itself. Formation of crystals happens like the formation of diamond. Under the right amount ofheart and pressure. With the right constituent.. It’s a very gradual process.It may take thousands of years to form.. And in crystals the equilibrium of the constituent stays stable. That’s why the the cutting of it give it so fineshapes and cuts. Crystals get their color from fine amount of other substance being available with the framework. That’s howdistorting the crystal grid and the light passing through. like Quartz for example can show as a violet or purple color. When tiny amounts of Iron arepresent then turning it into Amethyst or if Titanium orManganese are present when it is forming it will become Pink Quartz. Actually a crystal is a solid material whose content molecules are arranged in such a wayor we can say. In a specific pattern in all dimensions depend on the shape ofthe natural stone or crystal. The study of crystal is called crystallography itdeals with study of crystals.

A crystalline framework, the arrangement of molecules in a crystal is defined by its cells individually in a single unit a small hypothetical box containing one or more the smallest part of a substance in a specific spatial deployment. Unit cells are arranged in 3 dimensional forms to form the crystal.  Ice formed by the water which can be in any form like snow sea ice, or glaciers are the very common example of crystalline matter on earth. A simple snow is actually a single crystal; on the other hand the simple ice cube is a poly crystal.

Crystals can be used in manyways. The areas of ituses are very diverse. Like crystals like gemstone usedfor healing purpose.Removing stress, to soothe the body and mind. It givesrelaxation to the body and soul. Means both physically andmentally. Actually the working of gemstone is controversial.  Mostly peoplebelievethat the healing stone really works. And some says that gemstone only looksgood. They just so the  eyes as wesees them. They don’t have healing powerand all. Definitely crystals have beenused from the very beginning of human culture. In the form of jewellery andall. Ancestors peoples believed healingstone weregifts from the gods and that they really carried the power of a god orgoddess.Gemstone beads have been found in crust over 6000 years old, for example, and amber is still used as a healing stone even today.