Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stone Craft

 As most of the varieties of natural stone extracted from India.  So the crafting, carving and all are also originated from India. India has this art by centuries. Stone crafting has been the major thing in some period like maurya period and mughal periods. Few examples like Taj Mahal. Monuments made by emperor ashoka, the akshardham temple and all are the classic examples of that. In this art I think India is at the top. Natural stone crafts are exported from India at a very large scale even now.  And being particular the state Rajasthan has been the central hub of art and crafts.  Since Rajasthan is also the richest in natural stone extraction. It has the largest number of peoples working on stone craft. And the people of there doing these stuff since a long time. Even today’s craftsmen have got this art and technique from their ancestors.  Beside Rajasthan there are very few states that are as rich in this industry as Rajasthan is.  And due to this factor Rajasthan has attracted so many visitors and travelers from all over the globe.  The best thing about stone is that it can be fitted anywhere you want. You can use it anywhere; somehow, it has the most dynamic properties. It can be used for walls, tiles patios, decorative and many other stone applications. The use of stone in your home depicts class, richness and naturality.