Friday, December 21, 2012

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is a gemstone which is pink or blood-red in color, it is the most valuable and costly gemstone after the diamond. The hardness of diamond on moths’ scale is 10 where as on the other hand rubies are rated 9 on the moths’ scale so the hardness of it is good, the ruby is formed of Aluminum Oxide which is also known as corundum, it is beloved that the word corundum is taken from the Indian word kauruntaka or may be from the Sanskrit word kurivinda, the pure corundum is clear and the ruby is made up of corundum and chromium impurities, which gives the wonderful and beautiful red coloration, that’s why the ruby is most valuable gem in the corundum family, it is always known as the king of gemstones because of its special powers and mystical properties also. The natural ruby varies from light to dark red; they also have undertones, such as purplish cast. Those whose birthdays comes in July they have ruby as there birthstone, as the red color is always a symbol of love and passion, so ruby having such color makes it universally favorite gemstone for making jewelry and there is no wonder that ruby jewelries are always in demand, it signifies love and passion between two people, therefore ruby is chosen as an ideal choice of every wedding couple to have it as an engagement ring or a precious gift on valentine day. They are found in various colors also; basically the color of gems depends on the many separate factors, which are affected by each other, there are many astrological benefits also related to it like as it represents the planet sun, so those people who have sun in their horoscope can wear ruby,as it is also a symbol of love due to its beautiful deep red color so it is also used in maintaining relations with the loved ones, increases the physical relation and encourages the love life to be more passionate and also gives prosperity and provides health life to the person, it also have some good effects on body also like it clears the blood from infections and germs, helps in treatment of diseases also, but it also need special care, because there are many flaws also related to it like if it get cracks or feather that means  it gives bad luck, or dullness of it means problem with the brothers, beside that it will always be in demand as it it the most beautiful and precious of all the gemstones.