Monday, December 17, 2012

Quartz Rock


Quartz is the most common rock-forming mineral which is also the one of the most important constituents of earth’s crust, it is made up of silicon dioxide, SiO2. There are several varieties of quartz, in which several of them are semi-precious gemstones. they have  crystal shape, basically in quartz crystals they are twinned, disorted. Quartz occupies the lowest potential to weather but it is resistance to erosion so it is very common mainly in stream sediments and in residual soils. Quartz is common in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone, slale and they are also present in variable amounts as an assessor mineral mainly in most carbonate rocks. Quartz crystals which occurs naturally in nature have extremely high purity,  which is necessary for crucibles and other equipments for silicon wafers in semiconductors industries, basically they are expensive and rare. Quartz are colorless as well as colored, the most common color are white or cloudy of milky quartz, purple of Amethyst,  pink of rose quartz, gray or brown to black of smoky quartz are few of the most common in it, they cryptocrystalline varieties can be multicolored and can be translucent or opaque,  the cryptocrystalline forms are mainly waxy to dull but they can be vitreous.The cleavage is very weak. Quartz are basically used in making sandpaper, glasses, cement, mortar, optics, computer, as quartz crystal is piezoelectric means when an electrical current passes through them they vibrates a small amount that’s why it is also used in watches and clocks also, mainly tourmaline crystals are used in watches also uses in switches and for making jewely. to read more info about quartz, see at